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Generally, a Bridge project consists of a new bridge across the waterway, canal or valley including all civil works such as approach viaduct, directional ramps, service roads, ROB, Underpasses, Culverts, RUBs, Retaining walls, Toll Plaza, lighting, signage etc. This section describes the acceptance criteria, brief details of various components and parts of a bridge and other structure, construction methodology following the guidelines and procedure as per construction supervision Manual adopted in the different type of structures of the project. 

The surface transport is the oldest and perhaps most widely adopted mode of transport by Mankind. This vital sector of transportation is indeed the backbone not only for the development of a country but also it’s economy. Nowadays, we are using various costly equipment, so that we can efficiently manage our construction planning to reduce project time and cost. This section describes the acceptance criteria, components of road Structure and brief details of road construction methodology as per standard technical specification and guideline. 

Based on the design and construction criteria, a Project-specific maintenance manual shall be adopted during the operation period for preserving the huge investment and environment and also to ensure safe traffic management in line with respective codal guideline. In this section, a general guideline of the inspection and maintenances of each component of the bridge and its approaches after inspecting the defects, framing maintenance criteria based on design and construction sequence adopted. 

The significant technical and financial risks for many civil engineering works lying in the ground. Geotechnical Engineering is the branch of civil engineering that deals with soil, rock, and underground water, and their relation to the design construction and operation of engineering projects. It is essential to investigate the geological and geotechnical conditions of any site to produce a meaningful risk assessment and report on the proposals for civil engineering and building foundations.


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