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Aggregate impact value test
Aggregate Impact Test Procedure for Determining AIV as Per IS 2386 Part-4
The Aggregate impact test is used to determine the aggregate impact value(AIV), which provides a relative measure of the resistance of a coarse aggregate to sudden shock or impact. Due to vehicular movement...
Coarse aggregate gradation test
Sieve Analysis of Coarse Aggregate Test - Construction Civil
The sieve analysis of coarse aggregate test is a fundamental and essential test for all coarse aggregate in field laboratories and is known as the gradation test. With the help of sieve analysis of course...
Sieve analysis for fine aggregates
Determination of Sieve Analysis For Fine Aggregate
Sieve analysis for fine aggregate is a procedure used in civil engineering to determine the fine aggregate’s fineness modulus and grain size distribution by allowing the material to pass through...
Elastomeric Bridge Bearing - Advantages & Limitations
Elastomeric bearing is a bridge component that not only provides a resting surface between bridge pier caps/Abutment caps and the superstructure but also helps transfer the superstructure load through...
Footing Construction
Construction of Footings - Important Guidelines
What is Shallow Foundation? A shallow foundation is a type of open foundation; it is suitable when the foundation soil has the sufficient bearing capacity within a short depth below the existing ground...
PVD Drain Installation for Ground Improvement
PVD Drain Installation for Ground Improvement
PVD Drain, known as Prefabricated Vertical Drains, has a channelled plastic core covered with a geotextile like a jacket. The channelled plastic core supports the wrapped filter fabric and delivers longitudinal...
Soil Reinforcement Methods - Advantages and limitations
Soil Reinforcement Methods - Advantages and limitations
Soil reinforcement methods are adopted to improve the strength and stiffness of soil layers. Different ground improvement techniques are used to enhance soil strength, like vibro replacement stone and...
Formula for Development Length
Formula for Development Length, Anchorage and Lapping Length
The primary purpose of lap length and development length, anchorage length, is to provide sufficient bond strength between reinforcement and concrete but in different situations. Development length...
PSC Girder Grouting
PSC Girder Grouting Methodology
Grouting in post-tensioning is necessary for preventing corrosion of the prestressing strand by surrounding it in an alkaline environment, filling all cavities with grout, and help to achieve an adequate...
prestressing of concrete
What is Prestressing of Concrete? - Method with Calculation
What is prestressing of concrete? Tensile stresses are undesirable for concrete, so to eliminate the same, the compressive stresses generated from external loads are introduced in concrete as per the...
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