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Construction of Well Foundation
Construction of Well Foundation - Step by Step Procedure
Construction of well foundation consists of the following steps in the sequence are to be executed: Survey, cutting edge, curb, Steining, sinking, bottom plug
Well Foundation bridge
What is Well Foundation? - Types & Components of Well Foundation
Well foundation is beneficial for bridges, especially in case of scouring river beds. Wells can be of different types depending on their cross-sectional shapes.
Crane Lifting Hazard and Precaution
Crane Lifting Safety Procedure- Hazards & Control Measures
Crane Lifting Safety Procedure discusses Occupational Health and Safety related Managements OH&S in crane lifting at construction projects, to provide practical guidance to avoid or reduce the risk...
Civil Engineering Industrial projects
Industrial Projects in India - Examples and Basic Construction
Construction, Civil Engineering Projects: Construction Civil Engineering projects include a series of activities which, when they are carried out in the planned manner will lead to the completion of...
Steel Production
What is Integrated Steel Plant? - Steel Production Process
As the power sector, there is a massive demand for steel also to meet up the infrastructural growth. Apart from the giants like SAIL, RINL, TISCO other comparatively small companies have started production...
Environment Health and Safety(EHS)
Environment Health and Safety(EHS) Management - Important Guidelines
What is EHS? EHS is a short form of Environmental(E) Health(H) and safety(S). It is what construction, as well as other industries, must do to make sure that their activities do not create harm to anyone,...
Power Plant Control Room
What is Thermal Power Plant? - Types - Components & Construction Guide
What is Thermal Power Plant? The thermal power plants are industrial setup for the generation of electricity. The power sector is the most common sector of industrial structures. After generating power...
Bentonite Test for Piling
4 Important Bentonite Test for Piling - Equipment & Procedure
Routine Bentonite Test for Piling: Marsh Cone Viscosity, pH Value, Sand Content and Specific gravity (Density) tests are carried out for piling quality control.
Rusting of Iron - Structural Steel
Rusting of Iron Rebar in Concrete - Special Repairing
Rusting of iron is a natural process and which results in the depassivation of the reinforcing steel. It is most common mechanisms of deterioration of concrete.
RE Wall Construction Work
RE Wall Construction - Important Guidelines
RE Wall is a combination of earth and linear reinforcement in the form of strips, grids, rods, mesh etc. that are capable of bearing sizable tensile stress.
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