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Mastic Asphalt for Roads and Bridges
Construction of Mastic Asphalt for Roads and bridges
Mastic Asphalt is a bituminous design mix containing bitumen, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and filler material. It is working as a waterproofing material
Concrete Ingredients and Important Properties
Concrete Ingredients - Important Properties and Tests
Combining concrete ingredients as per designed ratio to make concrete easy to transport, place, compact and finish and which will get set and harden.
Gabions wall
What are Gabions?- Advantages and Construction Method
Gabions Baskets are evenly partitioned double twisted wire mesh type container. They are interconnected with similar units, to receive hard stones at the site
Blowhole/Surface void/Bugholes Repairing
Blowholes/Surface voids/Bugholes in Concrete Surface
Blowholes/Surface voids/Bugholes in Concrete Surface are rarely a structural problem; but, if not marked, they can increase the possibility of future problems.
Road Kerb Construction
What is Road Kerb - Types & Construction Methodology
Kerbs confirm the barrier between the carriageway and the shoulder or islands or footpaths. The height of road kerb above the pavement edge varies from 100-200mm
Construction of Foundation piles
Tolerances for Foundation Piles - Important Guidelines
Foundation piles are constructed as accurately as possible as per designs and drawings either vertically or to the specified batter. Ultimate care must be taken with respect to the installation
Types of Bridges Based on Span, Materials, Structural Arrangement etc.
Types of Bridges, Over bridges, ROBs, RUBs, Viaducts etc. type of structures are those structures that maintain the continuous movement of road, railway
Ground Improvement Techniques - Vertical Drain & Stone Column
Vertical drain and Stone Column for Ground Improvement
Vibroflotation, Blasting & Dynamic Compaction - Ground Improvement
Rearrangement of the soil structure from a loose to the dense state by applying Shock and Vibration called in-situ soil densification. This method is applicable only for cohesionless soil under high water...
Ground Improvement techniques in Civil Engineering
Top 7 Ground Improvement Techniques in Civil Engineering
When a Civil Engineering project encounters severe foundation conditions, there are two possible alternative solutions; number one is avoiding the particular site, or number two is improving the existing...
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