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Types of Deep Foundation in Civil Engineering
Foundation is an essential structural element connected to the ground, and it receives the load from the piers and abutments and transmits through the layer of weak soil to a firm stratum at a significant...
gsb construction
Granular Sub Base Construction and Quality Control
Construction Methodology for Granular Sub-Base Layer
WMM construction
Wet Mix Macadam Construction and Quality Control
Construction Methodology For Wet Mix Macadam(WMM)
Bentonite Uses in Piling - Bentonite Slurry Preparation and Recycling
What is Bentonite? Bentonite is a very fine-grained clayey material with a high percentage of montmorillonite. Bentonite clay is a mined product. Usually, two types of bentonite, sodium and Calcium based,...
Geotechnical Investigation Objectives and Guidelines
Geotechnical investigations are carried out to obtain necessary data related to engineering properties of soil for proposed structures’ foundations and the repair of distress earthworks for other...
DMC Pile foundation
Construction of Pile Foundation by Direct Mud Circulation Method - DMC Pile
Methodology for Construction of Pile by DMC Method
Embankment Meaning - Construction - Quality Control
Embankment Meaning: The earthen material, which is laid and compacted to raise the grade line of a proposed highway or railway above the Existing Ground Level(EGL) of the original ground, is called an...
Bridge Inspection Types - Objectives and Guidelines
Clearing and Grubbing work in progress
Site Clearance - Clearing and Grubbing for Highway Construction
Subgrade construction
Subgrade - Steps for Preparation of Subgrade
Methodology for Embankment and Subgrade Construction
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