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Nondestructive Testing Methods USPVT
Nondestructive Testing of Concrete - Methods & Guidelines
Road Construction Materials
Road Construction Materials - Test Frequency and Acceptance Criteria
Rehabilitation of existing old bridges
Inspection of Bridges - Procedure & General Guidelines
Adequacy of inspection of bridges relies upon the exact recording of the actual data. When the observation is made, data will be recorded. Notwithstanding recording defects or damages, their nonattendance...
Bridge Inspection photograph
Maintenance of Bridges - General Planning & procedure
Laboratory Test on soil
Laboratory Test on soil - Procedures and Objective
Concreting in Construction
Concreting in Construction - Planning and Execution Summary
What is Concreting ? Concrete is a heterogeneous mixture of cement, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate(sand) and water. In addition to the above, concrete needs the use of special materials, which is admixture...
Properties of Concrete - Introduction to Good Concrete Practice
Factors Affecting Strength of Concrete - Construction Civil
3 Methods of Soil Exploration - Study of Engineering Soil Properties
Standard Penetration Test(SPT)
SPT Test for Soil Procedure, Refusal Conditions & Correction:
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