What is EHS?

EHS is a short form of Environmental(E) Health(H) and safety(S). It is what construction, as well as other industries, must do to make sure that their activities do not create harm to anyone, including nature.


Environment Health and Safety for Construction Worker:

Construction workers are the asset of our nation, so it is our responsibility to take care of them, especially Environment Health and Safety related issues during construction. Following are the guideline.

  • Construction Worker below eighteen years and above fifty-five years old should not be allowed at the site for any project work.
  • Before entering the site, every construction worker should be going through a health checkup and induction training. The final decision, according to physical fitness, rests with the site management/concerned person. 
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco, and any bad habits prohibited at the site to avoid any mishap.
  • Sub-contractors must have past work experience and shall ensure adequate supervision at the project site. They must also ensure that all construction workers will be working under them will not violet any rules and regulations of the site. 
  • Without proper Personal(P) Protective(P) Equipment(E), as required depending upon the type of work nobody is allowed to the site work. 
  • All PPE like safety jacket, shoes, safety helmet, safety harness etc. shall be arranged before the start of the job as per the recommendation of site safety Engineer or as per environment health and safety manual.
  • Eye protection glass must be used during chipping, grinding, welding and gas-cutting work as per guideline.
  • Sub-contractors shall confirm that all their workmen are obeying safety rules and regulation while travelling in the company’s transportation and staying at the company’s accommodations.
  • Excess food and other wastes shall be disposed of suitably as per guideline provided in environment health and safety manual. 
  • It is to ensure that construction worker colony living rooms and toilets shall be well maintained and hygienic by sub-contractor.
Environment Health and Safety-Construction Worker

Environment Health and Safety for Construction Site:

It is essential to follow all the below-mentioned rules and regulations of environment health and safety for the construction site to avoid any accident.

  • After excavation of soil, pits shall be barricaded and remain intact until the backfilling of soil is completed. The safe access shall be ensured into every excavated area for construction.
  • At night shift work, adequate lighting arrangement should be available at the site for safe working. 
  • Swing area of construction equipment shall be adequately guarded by safety ribbon or hard barricades to avoid any accident.
  • Ladders being used at the construction site shall be adequately secured at top and bottom. Ladders should not be used as a working platform.
  • Proper barricading should be provided during crane lifting and dismantling and a signalman to be deputed to ensure that nobody stands under a suspended load or a restricted area.
  • Running at the site is wholly prohibited except for an emergency.
  • Construction materials should not be thrown from heights in any case during working.
  • All scaffoldings/work-platforms for structure/Bridge construction shall be pre-designed and robust enough to take the load. Dimensions of the working platform and fall protection arrangements should be maintained as per the approved drawings in conjunction with “Environment Health and Safety” (EHS) manual.
  • Anyone below 18 years old should not be allowed to enter the construction site.
  • Female workers should not be allowed to work at height and other high-risk areas.
Environment Health and Safety- Construction Site

Plant and Machinery Safety – EHS:

Following are the plant and machinery safety rules and regulations which are to be adopted for construction activity.

  • All the power supply at the site shall be taken through RCCB of 30 mA sensitivity to avoid any hazard.
  • Always avoid insertion of bare wires for tapping power from any electrical sockets. These types of casual behaviour are not acceptable in the workplace.
  • It is essential to record all the major, minor accidents and near misses by the Site Engineer / “Environment Health and Safety” (EHS) manual to avoid repetition.
  • It is essential to check all the tools and tackles thoroughly before an operation. If any defects found will be reported immediately. Without permission from EHS official, no lifting tackle should be used.
  • Other than the driver, no worker is allowed to travel in tractor/tipper/truck with or without construction materials.
  • Other than the electricians, no one is allowed to carry out electrical work or repairing of electrical equipment or other jobs related to setups.
EHS Rules and Regulation for Plant and Machinery

Environment Health and Safety Rules and Regulation for Store:

  • Good housekeeping to be maintained at the site as well as central store. 
  • Any Passages shall not be blocked with scrap materials like reinforcement bar, shuttering material etc. 
  • Construction materials like bricks, concrete blocks, shuttering plate etc. shall not be stacked more than the height of 1.5m.
  • Debris, scrap and other construction materials shall be cleared from the workplace on a routine basis and at the time of closing of activity every day. 
  • Scrap bins provided at the site shall be used.
  • Adequate fire fighting equipment shall be present at the workplace, and persons are to be trained in fire fighting techniques with the co-ordination of EHSO.
  • All unsafe conditions, unsafe acts reported by site Supervisors, and EHS personnel shall be corrected on a priority basis.

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Environment Health and Safety(EHS) Management - Important Guidelines
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Environment Health and Safety(EHS) Management - Important Guidelines
EHS means Environment Health and Safety; it is what construction, as well as other industries, must do to make sure that their activities do not create harm.
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